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About APSS

APSS: A Passionate Community of Trailblazers. We are fearless advocates and change makers who ignite transformation through the power of our voice and knowledge. Our community of dynamic speakers, empowering trainers, and inspiring coaches are not just holders of knowledge, but shapers of it. Join us as we rewrite the rules.

The APSS Experience

The experience you will have at an APSS Convention or by being mentored by  members of the association is unparalleled . Just attending a monthly meeting can be transformational;  a complete stranger may offer you support, advice or insight to jump start or develop your speaking business.

This is the Spirit of APSS – to make the speaking pie bigger by making sure speakers are better!

APSS is led by the members for the members. Each year a new Executive Committee (Exco), lead by a President (currently Tay Guan Hin) is elected to serve the association. It is a truth that you get from the association in proportion to what you put in, and this is another aspect of the ‘Spirit of APSS’ – service, because service leads to growth.

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