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Past Conventions

The Asia Professional Speakers Convention, APSC is an annual event hosted by APSS. It is one of the largest speakers’ convention outside of the US and is the most globally diverse Convention for professional speakers.


The convention  has a long history of hosting New York Times bestselling authors, Hall of Fame speakers, CEOs, Futurists, world-renowned coaches, award-winning speakers, and others who add immense value to the speaking and training worlds.


Our annual conventions have been very popular not just with local audiences but with our global peers too, with participants attending from Australia/New Zealand, Europe, South Africa, the Middle East, Asia, the USA, and Canada.


Each year the convention has a theme that is ground breaking. If 2020 was the ‘shock & awakening’, then 2021 was the year of ‘change & elevation’. In Year 2022  we were emerging and adapting to a landscape that had changed dramatically, we had to have a multi dimensional view of the business that we were in - hence the emergence of the 'Speaker verse'


Come 2023 - We are full of optimism and are ready to face the new world head on. The new landscape has  us adopting  new digital tools while trying to keep the human connection alive -  Are we ready to make an huge splash with  IMPACT X?

Come find out at #IMPACTX2023


Amplify Your Impact


The Asia Professional Speakers Singapore (APSS), is holding our Asia Professional Speakers Convention #APSC2023 #IMPACTX2023, the main Convention runs on 12th & 13th May, and fringe events run right through from the 11th May till 14th May.


With IMPACT X, this year, we are going fully Amped Up, to generate wider impact and to drive change, which means we can be bigger, bolder and more ambitious in inviting world-class speakers and thought leaders to speak with our thriving global community, with a focus on Asia Pacific.


IMPACT X brings together delegates from across the globe, an arena full of thought leaders, domain experts, professional and aspiring speakers, consultants, coaches, all influencers and also entrepreneurs in their own right, who are keen to  amplify their powerful messages, their vision and the techniques to do so, all out across Asia and the world that they serve. 


It will be an enjoyable, highly interactive, engaging and energizing real-time event that models the future. On the platter are some practical know-how, like technology platforms, virtual and hybrid tools, collaboration, social space, home studio, marketing and much more!


We know that to succeed, it must deliver a value never seen before in the speaking community.


We also know that this is a time of significant change in the world, where digital disruption, future of work and the climate crisis took an unexpected and dramatic left turn, it was time to elevate our craft and consciousness. Get the edge by being ahead of the curve and adaptable for a more resilient environment. 

Highlights - APSC 2022

Past Conventions

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