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Christopher Isaiah Fun

A passionate storyteller and brand strategist, Christopher has spent more than 15 years working with global and local brands to inspire brand love and loyalty. With his experience in creator-led marketing, he started Mediacorp SocialHub – a data-driven influencer marketing platform that has enabled more than 60 brands drive their social conversations in Singapore since its launch in October 2022. Driving transformation and change within Mediacorp, his vision is to catalyse Southeast Asia’s social conversations through building a sustainable creator ecosystem.

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Session Synopsis

Finding Your Voice In The Evolving Social Media Landscape - TikTok, YouTube, IG, LinkedIn - how might we get our voices heard?

Even as the social media landscape continues to evolve, how our voices are heard (or lost) continues to evolve too. What is the impact of TikTok and its algorithms, or have things really changed? Mid journey and ChatGPT — what happens to our voice or will we lose our voice? Discover how we find our voices in our world today.


Through this session, we want you to:

  • Understand key trends in social media platforms

  • Learn what it takes to have your voice heard

  • Inspired by those who have done it

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