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Joanne Flinn

Joanne Flinn helps leaders grow their business through times of turbulence, uncertainty and challenges. She supports Boards and the CSuite through aligning strategy to sustainability, while evolving business culture, values and mindset so that results are delivered. She is the Founder and Chairwoman of the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Institute. Joanne brings rigor and logic gained as Country Head of PricewaterhouseCoopers Financial Services Consulting, and as Head of Change for the CIO at DBS with an attitude of kindness and creativity which she advocates as the secret sauce to success. With 25 years of experience across 52 countries and clients ranging from Sanofi, Olympus and IBM, she brings effectiveness, presence and value to the leaders she works with. Twice a TEDx speaker, Joanne Flinn is the author of three books on business transformation, leadership and sustainability. She is regularly quoted in the Business Times, on CNA and recently was featured in Tatler and Portfolio magazines. Her most recent book is GreenSight ~ the new liability for company directors (2022). Joanne holds a MSc from HÈC Paris jointly run with Saïd Business School, the University of Oxford, a BEc/LLb and a post graduate diploma in finance and investment. She’s lived in Asia since 1978.

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Session Synopsis

Finding Your Voice In The Evolving Social Media Landscape

Impact = Vision + Action. For the first time ever, an hour of Delegate led masterminds, digging deep and getting to the bottom of your pain points to come up with practical solutions, with your peer groups pitching in. In this fast focused forum, we'll get your big questions addressed so that you can take action. If you need clarity on creating IMPACT, the Why's, How's and What's of it- you'll get this just right! If you want focus on the right next step for you, you'll have it. If you want to accelerate your impact, the pathway is here. Join us for Impact Acceleration, and Insights Forum to leverage the power of masterminds by you, for you and for your business.


The Key Takeaways from this session will be:

  • Your unique position

  • How to tackle your current challenge

  • What impact can you create and what it means for your business?

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