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Image by Markus Spiske

Make the Most out of the convention!

 Here are the top "To Do" items to make the convention super productive!

Attend the Convention

ATTEND the Convention - If you have not bought a ticket.... Click the link above to buy it now


Create a separate page in your notebook - to take notes or (1 pic) per talk of the key idea or thought that you think is relevant to you - this will make it a breeze to revise your 'key-takeaways'.


Create a separate page in your notebook - to make notes of Action Points that you are going to take in your life or for your business - this will make it a breeze to set some goals and when you achieve them, you can see how productive the investment you made in #APSC23 has been. Articulate ONE KEY THING to yourself that you want to see in your future. #SpeakTheFuture

New Connections

Make a list of (at least) 10 new people you have not met and who you want to meet - find them on Day 1 - walk up to them and introduce yourself.


Do a small video with someone on how they are liking the convention and what is one key takeaway for them so far.


Enjoy all the events thoroughly - focus on the positives! Have a Gala Time

AND if you liked anything in this post, look me up at the convention, come and say hello to me and my friend who is an award-winning Environment & Sustainability Change Maker, and flying in all the way from India to attend the conference!


Talk to (at least) 5 speakers/people who are international delegates (or locals) and welcome them to #APSC23 and appreciate them for making the effort.


Grab your friends together and take a pic against the conference backdrop to make a beautiful memory.

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