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Marian Dang

Founder at Rise | Beyond, facilitator in authentic energy expression & catalyst for impact through holistic growth in business and beyond (Ex-Google and H&M)

Session Synopsis

Connect To Your Own Authentic Voice 
The voice - a powerful tool towards authentic energy expression

Authentic energy expression starts with the body, not with the mind. Authenticity is deeply rooted and unique to each individual. When we express our authentic energy, we are in alignment with our inner power. That’s when we are at our best in what we do, that’s when we rise. ''When you rise, the world around you rises, leading to a powerful, collective change towards purposeful growth’’ - Marian Dang This presentation invites you to experience a unique journey towards your own authentic voice expression.

The Key Takeaways from the session will be:

  • Authenticity is deeply rooted and it's what makes each of us unique.

  •  When in alignment with our authentic energy, we ignite our inner power and are at our best in what we do.

  • This presentation guides you through an experience towards your authentic voice expression

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