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Marta Pardo

Expert in customer experience, motivation and leadership, Marta has 27 years of experience in her activity. From hotel management in France and abroad to companies such as Walt Disney Company, Marriott International, Accor Hotels,s he has built an international career. Awarded for her work with the medal «Leadership in Positive Action» in Mexico, she also received the Trophy awarded by the City of Lyon for the best renovation and enhancement of Heritage for the Château Perrache hotel classified as a Historical Monument. Elected from 2015 to 2021 for the Lyon Chamber of Commerce Métropole Saint-Etienne Roanne, Marta was also a member of the Lyon airport supervisory committee and administrator of Entreprises & Numérique. She is co-president of the Women's Pole of Women Entrepreneurs in the Rhône region of France. She is a member of the Board of the Spanish Association of Professional Speakers, as well as the French Association of Professional Speakers, as a Global Keynote Speaker and Master of Ceremonies in French, English and Spanish. Marta wants to bring a management approach worthy of a racing driver, with her method «P-ROAD», to: -Improve customer experience -Increase motivation and sense of belonging to a group -Increase trust, through leadership that creates a bond between teams with a positive influence Marta is the author of the book "On the Road to Motivation" 

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Session Synopsis

The Power of Audacity - How Bold Leadership can Drive Change and Impact with a Positive Influence

To lead the new world of change, you need to break the rules. You need to innovate and think out of the box and do it with audacity, which is the key to success. Discover a new way to exchange experiences and be different. Put in place your PRINT - providing innovative expertise! Leaders must first be capable of understanding the global evolution of their company's ecosystem and identifying the strategic axes of future actions.

The 3 key takeaways from her session will be:

1) Be reflective, authentic, and approachable, this can help investing in your own profile

2) Create your own new risk, by using your strategic mindset. Trust in your self-driven initiative, this will help to believe in your own vision.

3) Think 360⁰ about cross-organizational impacts, this can help on your ability to think big picture, and how decisions impact interacting sections of your business.

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