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Martin Laschkolnig

Founder and Director of the Institute for the Development of Potential Keynote-Speaker, Seminar Facilitator & Coach Founder of the "Living Serenity" Community President – Global Speakers Federation" Martin is an international inspirational speaker and expert on self-esteem, serenity, motivation, engagement and inner peace. He has spoken to audiences on 4 continents. His unique path combines decades of entrepreneurial experience with studies of economics and Buddhist philosophy with Tibetan monk scholars in India and personal development and energy psychology in the US.

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Session Synopsis

Global Knowledge, Collective Wisdom - GSF,  At The Heart Of
Our Communities

GFS President Martin Laschkolnig will share about the history and ethos behind the vision and mission of GSF.  Our mission -“Don’t worry about how we divide up the pie. Let’s just make a bigger pie!” Cavett Robert, founder NSA, National Speakers Association.  The Global Speakers Federation is proud to be at the very heart of our global community, engages association leaders in the Federation and reaffirms the vision of global collaboration. The GSF champions to support and provides resources to help develop and grow associations of professional speakers worldwide. The GSF comprises 17 independent speaker associations representing 17 nations and individuals from over 20 countries.

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