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Dr. Maxine Teo

Dr Maxine is a tri-lingual speaker, corporate facilitator and coach with a passion for colourfully impacting and inspiring lives over 20 years with diverse teams across Asia. One of the most engaging speaker and trainer in Asia having successfully delivered training solutions and keynotes on wealth management, retirement planning, peak performance and sales excellence to audiences in 30 over cities around the world. She has a knack of turning complicated concepts into practical and highly engaging learning applications. Maxine is fluent in spoken and written English, Mandarin and Cantonese and she delivers her messages in the three languages seamlessly to help her international audiences achieve their highest level of understanding. Coming from a decade of working in the financial services industry, she shares her experience and knowledge through training and coaching in Relationship Management topics like Advisory Sales (B2B & B2C), Business writing, Networking Skills, Negotiation Skills, Effective Communication, Client Service Excellence, Client Book Management, Cross-Cultural Awareness, Business Presentation Skills, and Time and Stress Management for better productivity. The skills she imparts are especially applicable to service and relationship-based industries like finance and banking, insurance and real estate. Her ability to connect the dots effectively and skilfully makes her highly sought-after as a keynote speaker and panel moderator. Dr Maxine is the author of “Secret Manual of the Sales Warrior” which has received high acclaim from her readers for its practicality and ease of understanding. Her extensive research and studies in the field of Psychology has further enhanced her knowledge and understanding of human and organizational psychology. Her insights and personal experiences have also moved and inspired audiences to take action to boost their work performance and improve their lives. What further sets Dr Maxine apart from most speakers in the industry is her sensitivity to cross-cultural issues and her magnetic energy!

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Session Synopsis

Own the stage by owning yourself - Creating your path to success

Are you an aspiring speaker finding your topic and pathway to success? Or are you a seasoned speaker who is constantly trying to reinvent yourself to fit into the changing world? It is when you are able to own yourself, be it your strengths or your weaknesses, that you can truly be authentic and evergreen. You will learn about the journey of a shy girl who transformed herself into a strong, independent woman, constantly raising her game in the speaking industry and business world. Be prepared to be ignited, inspired, and invigorated by the highly engaging Warrior who will take you to new heights!

The Key Takeaways from her session will be:

  • Be inspired to be true to yourself.

  • Be equipped with tips to overcome your self-limiting beliefs

  • Be empowered to take the leap of faith to success

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