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Message from the Convention Chair

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It was TIME to take it up a NOTCH.. And so we did! 


WE live in a world that is sensationally connected, with an exceptionally fast communications transfer, and an equally swift reaction time. And YOU and I can seriously leverage on this and make a dent!


Each year's Convention at APSS is like a bridge, for closing off the past year and deep diving into the next year. Immense new learnings or reinventing old strategies to put into action for next year.. And some revisions of going back to basics and keeping it simple. 


Our members have made tremendous contributions to the cycle of knowledge creation, skills enhancement, empowering professional speakers and giving back to the community, besides serving the corporate and personal development industry as a whole. Am proud to be a part of such a passionate and purpose driven community.


Looking forward to acknowledging and celebrating our wins and progress together, extending our networks, creating value and also exploring current and future directions of the KNOWLEDGE economy.

I am sure you will walk away inspired with new insights and ideas, fresh perspectives, refreshed and relaxed, and a whole lot of dynamic energy created with the vibe that APSS has to offer!


Looking forward to #RECONNECTING with you all, current and past members, non- members, industry partners, sponsors and all others too!

I plan to and would love to meet everyone there, so do come and say hello if you see me, anytime you can!

Cheers and let’s make an IMPACT like never before!

Time to get fired up!

Arishta Khanna

Convention Chair APSC 2023

President Elect 2023-24

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