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Mindy Pang

Mindy Pang has more than a decade of experience as an editor and marketing manager at Marshall Cavendish International. She was the driving force behind key publications as a senior editor and currently develops marketing strategies to help the publishing house remain a leading publisher in Asia and internationally.

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Session Synopsis

From Expert to Authorpreneur - 8 Easy Steps to Write, Publish and
Promote Your Book

Are you ready to unleash your full potential and dominate your industry as a thought leader? Look no further than the power of books as the ultimate medium to take your brand to new heights and establish yourself as the authority in your field. Find out how to craft a compelling pitch, develop your network, and stand out in a crowded market – all in just 8 easy steps. You'll leave the workshop with the tools and confidence to take the publishing world by storm! Led by a seasoned publishing professional, this dynamic and engaging session will teach you the essential steps to publish and promote your book successfully. But that's not all – this session is also a chance to connect with other writers, share ideas, and gain valuable feedback. Our interactive activities throughout the workshop will keep you engaged and energized every step of the way. And don't forget the Q&A session where you'll have the opportunity to ask questions and receive personalised advice from the expert speaker. No matter where you are on your writing journey – whether you're a brand new writer just starting out or an established author looking for new ways to promote your book, this workshop is perfect for you. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to jumpstart your publishing journey. 


Learning Outcomes:

- Identify your unique selling point: Participants may learn how to identify their unique selling point and how to highlight it to make it stand out.

- Understand the components of a strong book pitch: Participants learn the essential components of a book proposal, including the synopsis, target audience, author bio, and marketing plan.

- Research potential publishers: Participants may learn how to research potential publishers, including what types of books they typically publish and what specific submission requirements they have.

- Create an effective author platform: Participants learn how to build a strong author platform, including social media, websites, and networking, to demonstrate their credibility and reach to publishers.

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