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Nathan Shooter

Nathan Shooter is a brand strategist, designer, corporate filmmaker and international speaker. He is on a mission to equip a new generation of business and culture decision makers with ‘brand leadership’ so they can brand ideas that matter, changing lives. He’s been called a Dealer of the Invisible and an Idea Whisperer, teaching leaders how to speak ‘creative-ese’ and share their vision, creating buy-in to take results to the next level. He has been an Adobe Design Awards Judge and is a Certified Lego Serious Play Facilitator, integrating the science of the hand-mind connection into his consulting practice. A hallmark of his presentations is the artful edge he brings to keynotes, blending video, immersive technologies, and psychology with a touch of cheeky humour. Nathan is also the founder of the recent Australian start-up, The Whisky Barrel Coffee Co.. While doing all of the above, he can be spotted wearing high-top sneakers from his ever expanding collection!

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Session Synopsis

Attract Bookings with a Blockbuster Speaker Showreel -How to Produce a Killer Speaker Showreel that Attracts the Clients who Need your Message.

Showreels have become an essential weapon in a speaker's marketing mix, but it can be overwhelming knowing where to start. Producing your first video or updating your current reel? In this session with Nathan you will crack the Showreel Code and get clear about what content to include, how to brand it and how to adapt if you don’t have enough live event footage. The world needs your message. Share it with absolute clarity. Now is the time to produce a Showreel that attracts bookings and amplifies your impact!


The 3 key takeaways from his session will be:

1) Become ultra-clear about what content to include (and exclude).

2) Get smart about how to strategically leverage your brand in the video.

3) Be equipped with options if you don’t have enough live event footage.

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