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Oliver Nshom

Oliver Nshom President, at Cameroon National Speakers Association (CANASA) Founder at African Inclusive Institute of Public Speaking (AIIPS) Oliver Nshom runs a Public Speaking and corporate training company. He works with and speak for organizations who want their people to work better together both internally and across borders globally with less stress and more mindfulness. From a Palm wine tapper in the village with no hope to ever speak infront of people, couple with low self-esteem and low efficacy to an acclaim, sought-after speaker, trainer and Coach. He was elected the president of Cameroon National Speakers Association (CANASA) in 2021. Oliver was awarded by the Cameroon Leadership Academy (CLA) as the most outstanding young man in community development through public speaking and he has delivered presentations at the Pan African Speakers Convention and many other speakers conventions around the world. His latest book "Skyrocket Your Elocution Career: Building a Profitable and an Impactful Career in Public Speaking" helps you not only to become a confidence and an Impactful speaker but one who can earn from speaking.

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Session Synopsis

How to Build a Tribe - 5 Secrets to Building the Fastest-growing Tribe in Town

The 3 key takeaways from the session will be

1) How to sell tickets for a conference

2) How to influence with passion and a common dream to attract your people

3) How to get sponsors and funding for your events

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