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Parminder Singh

Parminder worked with some of the biggest disruptors of our time such as Google, Apple and Twitter before applying the valuable lessons he learnt to transform a traditional business. He is the Chief Commercial Officer and Chief Digital Officer at Mediacorp, Singapore's national media network. Mediacorp has transformed from a traditional broadcaster to a digital powerhouse through multiple initiatives led by Parminder across content, commerce and creator economy. Prior to this, as Managing Director at Twitter, Parminder had set up the social media giant's commercial operations across several countries in Asia. At Google, he scaled the display advertising business into a multi-billion dollar operation in Asia Pacific. He was also one of the driving forces behind the pioneering IPL-YouTube partnership, one of the first successful sports streaming monetisation initiatives worldwide. Parminder has been actively involved in exploring the use of technology for positive societal change and was the founding member of @incrisisrelief, one of the largest citizen-led disaster relief technology initiatives. He is also the founder angel of The/Nudge, an action institute working towards a poverty-free India and is an active adviser/investor in several start-ups across Asia. 

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Session Synopsis

Disruption doesn't last, value creation does - Key principles behind finding purpose, creating value and thriving in disruptive times

Disruption doesn't last, value creation does. Forces of technology can temporarily unsettle businesses and uproot established edifices but businesses that adapt to the changing realities outlast disruption. In this session we will explore how business can continue to adapt, grow and thrive in times of disruption. How do they find their purpose? How do they create value? How do they evolve? Because evolution is the only way out of extinction

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