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Robin Speculand

Robin Speculand lives and breathes strategy and digital implementation. He supports the C-Suite and Boards in transforming their organizations and is well known for his innovative approaches. This strategy and digital implementation specialist is a sought-after consultant and keynote speaker who has founded three companies and three business associations. Robin has pioneered a number of breakthrough methodologies and techniques that feature the Implementation Compass™, a proprietary framework built on the eight areas for excellence for execution; Ticking Clock© Model, a framework for creating a digitally driven organization; Digital Maturity Index, a self-assessment that reveals a person’s level of digital maturity; and the Digital Best Practices Benchmark. Robin’s innovative approaches have been featured in such media worldwide as BBC World, CNBC and Forbes. A TEDx speaker and educator for Duke CE, IMD, and Singapore Management University, he is also a Harvard-listed and award-winning case study writer.

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Session Synopsis

18 Tips to Bank on: Hands-on Tips For The Speaking Entrepreneur's Journey

This high-impact and informative session shares with fellow speakers how to build their brand, platform, and bank account. Standing up to speak in front of an audience can be strangely daunting and alluring at the same time. This keynote focuses on moving you from sitting alone in front of your computer to developing your company and speaking opportunities. It is packed with hard-one insights and the best practices that you can bank on.

The Key Takeaways from the session will be:

  • Discover the number one idea for growing a speaker's business

  • Find out how to obtain your first speaking engagement

  • Learn what works in publishing a book

  • Discover the differences in speaking in a digital world

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