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Afeef Hussain

Expert Pod Host & Panellist

About the

Join Afeef, a seasoned hotelier and service excellence expert, for his session "Great Speakers Ask Good Questions." With over 20 years of HR and L&D expertise across six countries, Afeef will share how the art of asking the right questions can transform ordinary conversations into opportunities for securing speaker bookings.

During the session, learn to craft questions that help clients uncover solutions within their teams and inspire action, moving conversations beyond selling to meaningful engagement. As a Harvard Business School Executive MBA graduate and leader in professional associations in the Maldives, Afeef brings a strategic yet personable approach to every interaction.

Panellist - Knowing your Customers: Insights to Sharpen your Offerings

Join us for an enlightening panel discussion, "Knowing your Customers: Insights to Sharpen your Offerings," curated for speakers, trainers, and coaches seeking to get more clients in the corporate space!

Guided by moderator Nadir Zafar, our esteemed panelists Shailaja Sharma, Joyce Bilj, and Afeef Hussain will offer invaluable insights drawn from HR, L&D, and their combined global experience. Discover essential strategies for getting more gigs, be more attractive to clients, and avoiding common pitfalls when working with clients. Don't miss this opportunity to gain actionable advice to enhance your offerings and thrive in your business.

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Great Speakers ask Good Questions

Know your Customers: Insights to Sharpen your Offerings

Afeef Hussain

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Afeef Hussain

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