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Dr. Jerome Joseph, CSP, GSF

Expert Pod Host

About the

Dr. Jerome Joseph, a global brand powerhouse and the CEO of The Global Brand Academy, has earned international acclaim, ranking second globally in branding in 2020. With a storied career that includes leadership roles in top brand agencies and as a board member, Jerome brings a treasure trove of real-world insights to the table. He's not just a strategist; he's a storyteller, having enriched the branding world with his best-selling books and transformative talks across 37 countries."

"BrandSpeak" distills Jerome's 27 years of experience into a dynamic session that covers the A to Z of branding for professional speakers. Expect to gain a deep understanding of brand strategy, discover personal branding secrets that set you apart, and learn how to sell your speaker brand effectively. Jerome's approach is practical, insightful, and, above all, impactful—designed to transform attendees into master branders. This session is a shortcut to branding excellence, offering direct access to the wisdom of one of the world's top branding minds.

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BrandSpeak: Everything you want to know About Branding & Speaking

Dr. Jerome Joseph, CSP, GSF

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Dr. Jerome Joseph, CSP, GSF

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