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Dr. Tanvi Gautam

Expert Pod Host

About the

Step into the realm of transformative speaking with Dr. Tanvi Gautam, an acclaimed architect of company cultures and a beacon for visionary leadership. In her expert pod, "Breaking Down an Exceptional Keynote/Speech," Dr. Gautam decodes the artistry and strategy behind spellbinding presentations. Recognized as a LinkedIn Top Voice and listed among the top global leadership and HR influencers, her insights draw from a rich tapestry of experience in nurturing leaders and reshaping organizational dynamics.

With a distinguished role at SMU (ExD) as Senior Faculty & Program Director, Dr. Gautam merges academic rigor with real-world applications. Her session zeroes in on the pivotal role of dynamic delivery, unveils three inviolable rules for navigating mishaps, and explores customization strategies that resonate deeply with every audience segment. Prepare to engage with a session that promises not just to enlighten but to empower you with the tools to craft speeches that captivate, connect, and convert. Join Dr. Tanvi Gautam for a journey into the heart of impactful communication, where every word is a step towards becoming an unforgettable speaker.

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Breaking down an Exceptional keynote speech

Dr. Tanvi Gautam

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Dr. Tanvi Gautam

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