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Kevin Cottam

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Kevin's journey is a tapestry woven from diverse experiences that span over four decades, reflecting a life dedicated to exploration, creativity, and guiding others to greatness. His remarkable career has seen him at the helm of choreographing and coaching world and Olympic figure skating champions, orchestrating the grand spectacle of the 1988 Olympic Closing Ceremonies, and producing multi-million-dollar figure skating tours. With a life lived across four continents, in major cities and over sixty countries, Kevin's worldview is as expansive as his achievements. His work, encapsulated in the seminal "The Nomadic Mindset: Never Settle…for Too Long," distills the essence of nomadic cultures, nature, and sustainability into innovative leadership paradigms, making him a venerated figure in global coaching and speaking circuits. "Dare to Evolve" stands as a testament to Kevin's philosophy, inviting participants to embark on an evolutionary journey that encompasses the 5E's: Explore, Expand, Emerge, Experience, and Evolve. This framework serves as a compass for attendees seeking to navigate the terrains of personal, professional, and creative growth. Kevin's approach is far from conventional; it's a refreshing blend of authenticity, inspiration, and engagement that challenges the norm. Described as 'not business as usual', his unique perspective and quiet, supportive, yet authoritative presence make him a sought-after coach and speaker.

Kevin's session, "Dare to Evolve," isn't merely an opportunity to gain new insights; it's an open door to a journey that transforms every facet of one’s life, pushing boundaries and challenging participants to see the world through a lens of endless possibilities.

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Dare to Evolve

Kevin Cottam

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Kevin Cottam

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