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Lavinia Tan

EMCEE Extraordinaire

About the

Give this lady a microphone and no one gets hurt! Lavinia Tan never would have imagined that speaking into a microphone would give her such an amazing life and a rewarding career. From being the only Asian Host for the international television travel series - Globetrekker to emceeing live events, she enjoys being in front of the camera and on stage

Her voice can also be heard on the airways having worked as a radio presenter with local English radio stations since 2006. She is currently one of the hosts on the morning show - THE BRIGHTSIDE, on ONE FM 91.3. She delights her listeners with her candid and warm personality and is always up for a laugh or two, even if it is at her expense. She does believe that laughter is the best medicine. She is also an experienced voice-over artist having voiced both television and radio ads and other projects both locally and in the region. Just last year, her voice was chosen for the global SIA branding campaign in the year 2023.

When Lavinia doesn’t have a microphone in front of her, she is kept very busy wrangling her three boys. One of her favourite times with them is when they are fast asleep so she can indulge in her other pastimes which include building lego sets, learning Baba Malay, and watching stand-up comedies.

So, hand over the mic and no one gets hurt. Namely Lavinia.

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Day 2 Convention Host

Lavinia Tan

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Lavinia Tan

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