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Madina Kalyayeva

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Madina is a seasoned professional whose journey from the United Nations to the forefront of the advertising and public relations industry highlights a career built on exceptional achievements and global influence. With over a decade of experience in Singapore, she has left an indelible mark on both the advertising world and the realm of public relations, working with a vast array of clients ranging from government bodies to regional and global brands. Her leadership at an award-winning PR agency and a regional advertising agency is not just a testament to her strategic vision but also to her deep understanding of the industry's dual perspectives. Madina's expertise is further underscored by her numerous personal and professional accolades, reflecting her ability to deliver not just business results but also award-winning work.

In her Expert Pod titled "Public Relations: Mastering the Media to Grow Your Client Base," Madina unveils the essentials of forging powerful media relationships, personal growth strategies, and networking techniques tailored for professionals eager to amplify their client base. She delves into the art of working with media through personal profiling, illustrating how a well-crafted personal brand can attract the right kind of attention and opportunities. Madina also shares personal growth strategies that not only enhance one's professional standing but also make one magnetic to potential clients and businesses. Furthermore, she navigates the complexities of expanding one's professional network, offering invaluable insights into finding and connecting with the right contacts. Through this pod, Madina provides a comprehensive guide for professionals looking to leverage media relations and strategic networking to advance their careers and business prospects.

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Public Relations: Mastering the Media to grow your client base

Madina Kalyayeva

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Madina Kalyayeva

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