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Monica Moore

Keynote Speaker

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No matter how crucial or important the content of your keynote is your message will not work if you do not connect with your audience.

Monica Moore will take you on a journey of Communications Excellence through ‘Synergy for Success’. Learn to engage so that your message is not only delivered effectively but makes an impression with your audiences as that 'stand out' memorable speaker that leaves them wanting more, rushing to buy your 'back of the stage'' products and to book you again.

This session is interactive to be prepared to get involved.

Monica Moore is an award winning keynote speaker, author and coach. She is the Immediate Past President of PSANZ and is an Associate of Trinity College (London) in Communication in Public Speaking (with Distinction). She has worked as a professional Theatre Director and combines this experience with her Education and Business experience. Monica brings a set of unique and powerful resources that will empower keynote speakers to deliver their message effectively. Her workshop is interactive.

She’d like to be known for her girlish looks and tap dancing ability. She likes to dream.

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Synergy for Success

Monica Moore

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Monica Moore

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