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Mukul Deva, a renowned international speaker and thought leader, is critically acclaimed internationally best-selling author of 21 books, earning titles like ‘The Man with the Nostradamus touch.’ Hailed as India’s Tom Clancy, his books inspire movies in Hollywood, Bollywood and Netflix. As a successful serial entrepreneur, including co-founding Influence Solutions with Karen Leong, his companies employ over a thousand across 70 cities. Mukul is a sought-after coach to the C-suite, up to the minister level. He also served as a mentor with the United Nations Institute for Training and Research, contributing towards capacity-building in conflict countries like Afghanistan and Iraq. Mukul harnesses over three decades of combat, entrepreneurial and life experiences, he empowers people to achieve transformational results with his mantra “ If you can imagine it, you can achieve it.”

Join us for "Unvarnished Truths" with Karen Leong and Mukul Deva, where you'll gain exclusive access to two successful serial entrepreneurs experienced in building sustainable businesses. With their organisational development firm, Influence Solutions boasting an impressive 18-year tenure serving long-standing premium clients across Asia Pacific, you can expect practical takeaways on navigating the complexities of sustaining and growing a business over time. From the importance of effective partnerships and strategic team growth to the establishment of robust processes, the discussion promises to equip you with tangible strategies for achieving enduring success.

Ask your questions directly to Karen and Mukul, and take away actionable insights tailored to your business needs. Leave with insights such as:

  • Effective Partnerships: Strategies for trust, communication, and shared vision.

  • Strategic Team Growth: Building high-performing teams and nurturing a positive work culture.

  • Robust Processes: Establishing efficient workflows and maintaining quality standards. Client

  • Relationship Mastery: Understanding needs and fostering long-term partnerships.

  • Sustainable Business Success: Overarching principles for thriving in the premium

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Unvarnished Truths: What it takes to run a Successful Premium Business with Top Tier Clients

Mukul Deva

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Mukul Deva

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