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Shanice Stanislaus

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Dive into the vibrant world of comedic storytelling with Shanice Stanislaus, an acclaimed clown and actor whose mastery of humor has captivated audiences and critics alike. In her expert pod, "Engaging with Humour: A Clown's Guide to Comedic Storytelling," Shanice shares the art and heart of using comedy to forge authentic connections and leave a lasting impact.

Winner of multiple awards, including three Canadian Awards for her comedy-clown show ‘Mail Ordered,’ Shanice brings a treasure trove of insights from her rich theatrical career and training under luminaries like French master clown Philippe Gaulier and Spymonkey (UK). Her session will guide you through clowning techniques to engage crowds genuinely, strategies to amplify your presence and charisma on stage, and her personal tricks for crafting comedic narratives that elevate any presentation.

As the founder of Creatives Inspirit, Shanice is dedicated to infusing clowning and play into communities worldwide, proving that laughter truly is a universal language. Whether you’re looking to enhance your speaking engagements or simply bring more joy into your connections, Shanice’s expert pod offers invaluable strategies to harness the power of humor. Join her for an exploration of comedic storytelling that promises not just to entertain but to transform your approach to engagement.

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Engaging with Humour: A clown's guide to comedic storytelling

Shanice Stanislaus

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Shanice Stanislaus

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