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Simon Bowen

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About the

What if you could transform every stage appearance into a moment of unparalleled connection and influence? Simon Bowen, the architect behind The Models Method and The Genius Model, invites you to reimagine your approach to speaking and presenting. Renowned for his system of thinking and influence now adopted across continents and industries, Simon's session, "Codify Your Unique Genius: How To Become The 'Sage On Stage' That Everyone Remembers," promises to be a game-changer for professionals seeking to elevate their impact.

Challenging the conventional use of thought leadership for market positioning, Simon advocates for a powerful alternative. Through visual models and a dynamic presentation style, he demonstrates how to achieve deeper audience engagement, faster and more meaningful conversions, and undeniable credibility. This isn't just about improving your speaking skills; it's about revolutionizing them, ensuring you're not just remembered but revered as the sage in your field.

Join Simon as he unfolds the secrets to becoming the standout speaker at any event, ensuring that your message resonates long after you've left the stage. This session is an invitation to shift your perspective on speaking and unlock a new level of influence and connection. Are you ready to become the 'Sage on Stage' that leaves a lasting legacy?

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Codify Your Unique Genius

Simon Bowen

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Simon Bowen

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