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Image by Florian Schmetz


Validation from your own community is the biggest reward!

Every year the APSS convention team goes above and beyond and delivers a convention way above expectation. What keeps us going? When delegates walk out of the convention feeling they now belong to a community that believes in growing and learning together 

The Asia Professional Speakers Convention is the conference that turned me into a global keynote speaker.
I owe my global speaking career to this one conference

Fredrik Haren

The Creativity Explorer
Invited to speak in 70 countries
on 6 continents
Each time I attend the Asia Professional Speakers Convention I get a major breakthrough. 
The first year I closed a six figure training deal from a sales strategy I picked up. The second year I attracted a mentor who taught me how to scale up my business. Third year, I implemented an idea shared at the CSP mastermind group and more than doubled my
passive income

Eric Feng, Singapore

I was looking for a community and network of fellow professionals. Going to the APSS convention gave me that opportunity. Here, I met some incredible fellow speakers who challenged me with
whats possible.

Yasmine Khater

Executive Coach
Story - Telling trainer

The Enthusiasm is Infectious 

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