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Vikas Garg

Following a highly successful career managing $10 billion for investment banks, hedge funds, and the public pension and sovereign wealth funds of the State of California, Canada, Abu Dhabi and Singapore, Founder and CEO Vikas Garg came to the realisation that the world needed business model builders of the future and started abillion, a company that is all about doing good for the world. The company launched abillion, the world’s largest community app focused on helping people go vegan, in 2017. As he watched consumers become increasingly weary and sceptical of greenwashing claims, Vikas saw the need to provide them with access to brands who have been vetted as to their sustainability ethos and provide abillion’s community members the satisfaction of injecting its mission and relevance in even the smallest of their daily choices. It is Vikas’ belief that this awakening of consumer consciousness is what will move the needle to create a better world.

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Session Synopsis

What does impact mean to you ? Understanding The Broader Impact Of Our Food Choices On The Environment

We will discuss the impact of animal products on our environment and how a plant-based diet can help save the planet. We will examine the environmental impact of animal products and discuss strategies for feeding the growing population sustainably. By the end of this presentation, the audience will have a better understanding of the impact of their food choices and how they can make a positive impact on the planet through a plant-based diet.


The Key Takeaways from the session will be:

  • The impact of animal products on our environment

  • How to feed everyone on the planet now and in 2030 ?

  • The single solution to save the planet: plant-based alimentation

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