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Why Attend?

IMPACT Amplified. BECAUSE that's what this Convention is all about - Creating Impact. Your impact- our collective impact- Amplified. For ourselves and our communities, from the stage and from off the stage.

Themes and Tracks Covered

Image by Hector Falcon
Trends and Shifts

Current and relevant business trends and future shifts and opportunities, a move away from Pre-Pandemic years. 

What is the impact on professional speaking and how can you succeed in this environment? MAKE THAT SHIFT, SO YOU WON'T DRIFT!

Recreating the Self

Who You Need to Be- Your message, influence and reach – in a world overrun by noise and misinformation its own Infodemic, how do you achieve a powerful personal brand to create influence with integrity, build trust, and be relevant? YOUR STORY!

Image by Milad Fakurian
Growth and Scalability

Business models and revenue opportunities – with changing times comes changing ways of doing business and creating value. How can you create new business models and new value propositions, growing your social channels and negotiating fees, is it time to partner or to go big and be bold? LET'S PUT A SPIN ON IT!

The Tech Edge

The technology and tools of today’s speaking business along with the human centered focus – with an overwhelm of technology, new apps, equipment and skills demand attention, which ones are right for you to connect, engage and impact? A look at automation, systems, technology, leveraging virtual assistants and more. REFOCUS & RESET YOUR TECH VISION!

Image by Ramón Salinero
Image by TheRegisti
The Self Audit and Action

Your mindset, potential, lifestyle design and redefining success – your audience needs this and so DO YOU! How do you ensure you can bring  the right  mindset in, to WALK INTO A NEW FUTURE, with the right combination of adaptive resilience, hope and optimism, creativity, pragmatism and humanity, or is it something else? 

Ready to Make an Impact?



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