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Arokya Gupta,

EMCEE Extraordinaire

About the

Meet Arokya Gupta, our DARE+ Emcee, a prodigious Grade 11 student, a physicist with a love for baking! At 17, though he holds numerous accolades, he is always driven to convert knowledge into positive tangible outcomes. At 14, he aced Oxford University Physics admissions practice tests, spoke at World Speech Day 2018 at 12, and reached the semi-finals of the 'Just One Earth' sustainability competition at 11.

A polymath, Arokya won gold in senior Math challenges for Year 13s (18 YO) when he was just year 11 YO, ranks 25th globally in the SASMO, and co-writes a pioneering paper on treesum combinatorics. Despite ADHD, he defies stereotypes by hosting events like the 'Collide' book launch. Offstage, his curiosity leads him to explore diverse interests with enthusiasm. Arokya's journey embodies resilience, empathy, and a commitment to making a positive impact. Follow his adventures on LinkedIn @arokyagupta for insights into his quest for knowledge and discovery.

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Day 2 Convention Host

Arokya Gupta,

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Arokya Gupta,

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