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Message From the Convention Chair

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APSS turned 20 last year, marking a huge milestone for the association. 

“Mavericks” was the theme chosen to represent this journey, which started all those years ago. Without taking risks, APSS would not even have existed.


To cap off this exciting year and to continue to push the boundaries, the Convention theme is DARE+.

DARE signifies our community’s willingness to innovate, pivot and continue to push for greater heights. Whether it be in the choice of business model, authoring their own books, taking their speaking business global, our members never fail to amaze me. 


Beyond that, members continue to practice reciprocity, generosity and openness. Sharing of ideas, mentoring new members or showing up to support each other - these are ways in which the community lifts each other up and enables all to flourish.

With the theme of DARE+, you can be sure there will be some interesting elements in the Convention. From the way it is designed, to the variety of formats, to the physical layout of the place, we hope that everyone walks away with possibilities abound.


Personally, having attended the past 5 Conventions, I can only say you will walk away with many pluses (+) - new connections, fresh ideas and most importantly, something of value which you can apply to take your business to the next level.


Looking forward to reconnecting with current and past members, non- members, industry partners, sponsors and all others too! I hope to be able to see all of you, and please do come up to say “hi”!!


It’s time to DARE!! Are you ready?


Convention Chair - APSC 2024

President Elect - 2024-2025

We have identified 3 parts of the journey, through which you will be guided seamlessly by all our amazing speakers:

We invite you to courageously step into their truth, whether that means getting clear about your values, sense of authenticity or confronting long held beliefs that might be holding back. By doing so, you can stay aligned with who you are and be able to speak and communicate your message with conviction and confidence. 


With that conviction, we next encourage you to step out of your comfort zone. In the space that we are creating, we want you to try new things, test ideas, be willing to fail fast and stand up again. This could mean challenging your existing business model, conventional norms or even dropping what isn’t working for you. Embrace the discomfort!


None of us can thrive alone. Hence, we hope you can see beyond your individual business and perspectives, and look beyond to your audience, communities and the impact you desire to create in this world. Beyond this convention, you’ll be exploring uncharted territories, embracing possibilities and so much more. 

APSS Convention 2024

APSS Convention 2024

Why Should You Attend?

Fast Track to Success

“The APSS Convention is the fastest way to connect with top global speakers, make friends, and learn new skills—all without leaving Singapore. It's your shortcut to professional speaking success. See you there!"”

Dr. Tanvi Gautam

APSS Past President

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