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Image by The Climate Reality Project

Convention Agenda

10th May, 2024

Morning Session

Opening Speech
09:00 AM
Step Into your Truth
09:15 AM

From Shadows to Spotlight - Eric Feng

Unveiling the Power of Authentic Connection - Miroslav Petrović

Tea Break
10:30 AM
Panel Discussion:
11:05 AM

What does it mean to DARE in a dynamic world?

  • John Dykes (Moderator)

  • Dr Juliana Chan (Panelist)

  • Heather Hansen (Panelist)

  • Neil Patwardhan (Panelist)

12:00 PM

From Crisis to Opportunity - Dr Loretta Chen

Reflection and Sharing
12:30 PM
Lunch Break
12:50 PM

Afternoon Session

Step Out of your Comfort Zone
02:00 PM

Synergy for Success: Leave your Audience Wanting More - Monica Moore

Breakout Sessions:
02:50 PM

Dare to Be Paid Your Worth - Dan Gordon

Speaker Strategies to Get You Fully Booked - Mark Stuart, CSP & Liyana Stuart

Stand out or Stand Aside - Chantal Cornelius

GSF Sharing
04:15 PM

Ruby Newell-Legner (President-Elect, GSF)

04:30 PM

Embrace Change, Take Risks, and Win - Jade Seah

Gala Dinner: Be BOLD, Be Fearlessly You 
06:30 PM
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