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Frank Koo

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Frank Koo brings a unique blend of leadership experience and digital savviness to the table, making him the perfect guide for anyone looking to amplify their professional brand on LinkedIn. As the founder of Nextplay, Frank has dedicated himself to helping individuals excel in both their careers and lives, showcasing his commitment to positive transformation. His insights are grounded in his tenure as the Head of Asia for LinkedIn's Talent and Learning business, where he harnessed the platform's power to influence and educate.

In "Building Your Leadership Brand on LinkedIn," Frank demystifies the world's largest professional network, offering actionable strategies to optimize your presence, extend your reach, and unlock new opportunities. This session is designed for speakers and trainers eager to understand the mechanics of LinkedIn and leverage it to bolster their brand and business. With Frank's expert guidance, participants will learn how to navigate LinkedIn's vast landscape to their advantage, ensuring they're not just another profile in the crowd but a standout brand leader. Join Frank for a deep dive into LinkedIn and emerge with the tools you need to transform your professional journey.

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Building Your Leadership Brand on LinkedIn

Frank Koo

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Frank Koo

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