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Chantal Cornelius

Breakout Session Speaker

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Chantal Cornelius, with her pioneering spirit in marketing and speaking, brings over two decades of expertise in helping service businesses thrive through meaningful client connections. As the founder of Appletree Marketing and the current National President of the Professional Speaking Association of the UK and Ireland, her unique approach focuses on emotional engagement over conventional marketing tactics, setting her apart in her field.

Her session, "Stand Out – or Stand Aside!", addresses a pivotal question for speakers: How do you distinguish yourself in a field where everyone is vying for attention? Chantal challenges the traditional notion of Unique Selling Points (USPs), advocating instead for a strategy rooted in emotional connections and deep client relationships.

Attendees will explore the essence of differentiation, learning why it's crucial to prioritize the audience's needs and how to forge emotional ties that lead to lasting relationships. Chantal's insights provide a clear pathway to not just standing out, but standing apart in a competitive industry. Her hands-on strategies promise to transform attendees' approach to their speaking careers, equipping them with the tools to capture and engage their ideal audiences effectively.

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Stand out or Stand Aside

Chantal Cornelius

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Chantal Cornelius

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