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Dr. Wendy Tan, CSP

CSP Summit Host

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Wendy Tan, PhD, CSP, is the managing partner of the Flame Cantre, which partners purpose driven organizations achieve sustained growth through strategy and people development. A near death experience led to her keen sense of limited time and inspires her to build the ecosystem for a 100-year old organization.

In her career, she has been a psychologist, an organization development consultant, an author, a speaker, a researcher, an entrepreneur and a swim mum of 3 teenagers. In the last 4 years, she completed her PhD studies, whilst growing Flame Centre, doubling the number of products and tripling revenue, and was accepted in the Entrepreneur Organization (EO).

Her books include Wholeness in a Disruptive World and Learning Agility: Relearn, Reskill, and Reinvent.

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Audacity: Dare to Innovate and Grow

Dr. Wendy Tan, CSP

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Dr. Wendy Tan, CSP

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