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Mark Stuart, CSP & Liyana Stuart

Breakout Session Speaker

About the

Mark and Liyana Stuart, the dynamic duo behind Anagram Group, bring a wealth of experience and success to the table, showcasing their expertise in captivating corporates and running a thriving speaking and training business. With a history of securing 100 bookings a year and serving 650 corporates across 22 countries, their session, "Speaker Strategies to Get You Fully Booked," is an invaluable resource for speakers aiming to elevate their business.

This session offers a deep dive into customizing speaking and training solutions, managing business operations efficiently, and mastering digital marketing strategies tailored for a B2B audience. What sets this talk apart is the practical, lived experience Mark and Liyana share, particularly their unique perspective on thriving in business without relying on traditional sales and marketing tactics they prefer to avoid.

Attendees will get an inside look at how to attract and retain clients, streamline their processes for better efficiency, and leverage digital marketing to make a significant impact in the B2B space. The interactive format, featuring a speaker's secrets segment by Mark and a dedicated Q&A with Liyana on sales and marketing, promises a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to be fully booked and successful. This session is more than just advice—it's a roadmap to thriving in the competitive speaking landscape, guided by a couple who's lived it.

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Speaker Strategies to Get You Fully Booked

Mark Stuart, CSP & Liyana Stuart

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Mark Stuart, CSP & Liyana Stuart

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