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Melissa Laurie

Breakout Session Speaker

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Melissa Laurie was recognised as a Woman to Watch in Asia and shortlisted for the Women Leading Tech Awards by Atlassian.

She is the founder of Oysterly, a leading social video agency that specialises in creating User-Generated Content and has worked with well-known brands such as UPS, 3M, RMIT University, Luxury Escapes, and more.


What makes Oysterly unique is its ability to create social videos that connect with your audience and can be distributed across all your major platforms—Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and others—to maximise your reach and engagement.


Outside of her professional achievements, Melissa cherishes 3 great loves: her husband, Alex; her dog, Hank, and carrot cake!

Social Media is the New Google: Here's How to Leverage It

Learn how to create engaging social media videos with this simple framework.

 1) Why Social Media is the new Google search 

2) Learn the 4 steps for creating social videos which will give you massive reach across ALL your social platforms 

3) Leave with a proven formula for viral videos


Most businesses struggle with social media. Why? 

Because they don’t know the proven formula for creating viral videos. 

In this valuable session, Melissa Laurie will explain why social videos are essential for branding and how they can significantly grow your brand. 

You’ll learn the 4 proven steps for creating high-performing social videos that can be reposted on all your social profiles—TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and more. 

Be prepared to take a lot of notes.

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Social Media is the New Google: Here's How to Leverage It

Melissa Laurie

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Melissa Laurie

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